Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Change is a consistent norm that poses fresh challenges for the world at large. It is felt by one and all, but our children, the young in mind and spirit, need to adapt themselves in a way that they orly stand to learn and gain. Here comes the role of schools and a curriculum that is able to amass the true wealth of changing times, whether it is in terms of technology, ideologies orjust a wave of contemporary wisdom.
The success of our school, despite the crests and troughs of changing times, can be accrued to the fact that we embrace the change with the basic tenets of humanity that have withstood the tests of times. Yes We endeavour to groom our children to be peaceful, forgiving and compassionate. We give them roots with the help of ancient wisdom and wings to fly towards their goals.

Mr. Balbir Sharma

We take pride that we take care of the tender souls in the most holistic way. If academics helps them to acquire knowledge then physical activities and sports help them to have a sharp focus and creative activities instill the fire to discover and innovate. We realise the ideal, intrinsic to all times, that every child is an individual in his or her own right ánd therefore exceptionally unique. The curriculum is so designed that it fuels the interests of all, to make learning an enjoyable ride.

We endeavour to give to the world batches of genuine human beings who will make a mark and brighten the world with their unique spark.